iResilience is a consulting and lecture group made up of veteran counterterrorist commanders sharing their vast expertise and personal insight into the Israeli experience of combating terror. Our mission is to provide law enforcement and emergency response agencies—and the communities they serve—with the Israeli perspective of living with the daily reality of terror.


Shaike is a thirty-five year veteran of the Israel National Police and an architect of the country’s law enforcement counterterrorist doctrine. Horowitz was the Chief Explosive Ordnance Disposal officer during the al-Aqsa intifada, commanding all of Israeli bomb technicians during the largest suicide bombing offensive ever mounted against a western democracy. Horowitz later served as the INP Representative to the National Security Council, where he helped to forge national policy on mitigating advanced terrorist threats. Horowitz specializes in planning and management of large-scale security programs and counterterrorist doctrines, providing guidance to public and private institutions on various subjects, including personal and infrastructure security, and security technologies.


Gil is a twenty-five year veteran of the Israel National Police and is the world’s most experienced subject matter experts in managing media resources in the aftermath of catastrophic terrorist attacks. In his law enforcement and legal career Kleiman has served as a bomb disposal officer and as a criminal investigator. He was the police Foreign Press Spokesman at the height of the al-Aqsa intifada, and spent hundreds of hours at suicide bomb attacks scenes providing on site post-incident interviews to the international media. Kleiman is an author and lecturer, and has been used as an expert witness in numerous terrorist court cases around the world.

“Shaike and Gil have been there, seen it, and done it. Few other men have the experience and insight as these two former commanders.”
– Dudi Cohen, Commissioner (Ret.) Israel National Police

“Few understand the threat of terrorism more than Shaike and Gil. No one can explain the Israeli resolve and resilience better.
– Moshe Karadi, Commissioner (Ret.) Israel National Police

“Horowitz and Kleiman are Israel’s unofficial ambassadors teaching the world how Israel deals with a relentless terror war.”
– Aharon Franco, Commissioner (Ret.), Israel Prison Service, and former Jerusalem District Police Commander, Israel National Police.


  • Lectures for law enforcement (local, state, sheriff, and federal)
  • Lectures for prosecutors and district attorney offices
  • Lectures for fire and EMS (including Offices of Emergency Management)
  • Lectures for elected officials and government organizations
  • Lectures for corporate interests and insurance companies
  • Lectures for religious and civic organizations
  • Lectures on PTSD and the human and psychological impact on the men and women fighting terror
  • Lectures for groups visiting Israel
  • On-Site security evaluations for government and corporate clients

  • Subject Matters Expertise for media outlets
  • Catastrophic terror crime scene management seminars for government
  • Catastrophic terror crime scene management seminars for media
  • Subject Matter Expertise for media
  • Expert witness for terrorism trials



Resilience and Defiance

January 31st, 2017|

August 9, 2001, was a sunny afternoon in Jerusalem—in the summer there was nothing but sun—and heat—in Israel. The streets of the Israeli capital were [...]

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